michaelleitonmonteverdeguiaguidecloudforestbosquenubosocaminatawalktourexcursionMichael Leiton was born in Monteverde. He’s a native Spanish speaker who can also speak English fluently.

He has taken first-aid training courses, photography and he is also a naturalist guide certified by the ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo). Michael has a lot of experience as a tour guide, 14 years of experience in the adventure tourism field and in the last 5 years he has been guiding daily and night walks in Monteverde.

Michael sees himself as an environmental interpreter; during a natural history tour he can easily explain the ecological relationships that take place in the forest; he can also help to search and identify those species which are tourist attractions.

He enjoys being a naturalist guide since he loves to work outdoors, he likes wild animals and he thinks it is important to communicate the real meaning behind Costa Rican natural and cultural heritage; in addition, he wants to convey the joy of the relaxing positive energy that comes from the forest and to teach people about conservation.

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