The Monteverde Cloud Forest is a protected area comprising three provinces of Costa Rica, Puntarenas, Alajuela and Guanacaste, conservation started around 1968 by scientists studying the biodiversity of forests.They were amazed to see the natural and scenic area, which preserve recommended for study and exhibit to the world, in this region there are 3 areas: The Cloud Forest Reserve Santa Elena, Monteverde Biological Reserve and El Bosque Eterno of Children. These areas are fully protected so the only activity permitted within this area are hiking the trails, these walks can be guided or on your own, there are short and long paths all marked and in the case of the Santa Elena there a path with Handicap

From the village of Santa Elena Monteverde commercial area reserves are at an approximate distance of 7km and Bajo del Tigre trail property The Children’s Eternal Rainforest maximum height of the area reaches 1859 meters on sea level and minimum 660 meters above sea level.

It’s called cloud forest for its high moisture penetrates the fog makes the trees every day due to its altitude where condensation is generated great turning this area into a cloud industry.

The biodiversity in this area covers about 3% of global biodiversity, this makes being an area with a large variety of plants and animals that have represented globally Costa Rica, as the Resplendent Quetzal, the golden toad (now extinct ), jaguars and more.

“Come and enjoy the depth of the forest”